About Us


It all starts with an idea intricately carved by hand into a wooden printing block - the art passed down over centuries to master carvers in Bagru and Sanganer, two bustling communities of ‘Chippas’ (or printers) near Jaipur, India.

History suggests that around the 17th century, ‘Chippa’ families started relocating to areas with easy access to running water and closer commute to the bustling capital city, Jaipur where they were a celebrated art-form quite loved by royalty. Today, hand block printing is still at the core of both these villages.

Inspired by a deep respect for Rajasthan, its art and culture our textiles such as ‘kalgi’, ‘kalrav’ and ‘mohaa’ pay homage to the uniqueness of this arid land drenched with unrivalled colour and grace.

What goes in our product matters – we use natural and vegetable dyes with very minimal amounts of non-toxic chemical dyes in only some lines.

Our trade has a conscience - through fair trade our artisans receive the respect that comes from working hard and receiving a fair value for their hard work.

Variations in patterns and colours are integral to hand block printing and testament to your textile being hand-made by 5th generation craftsmen.

We trust that you will wear our motif with as much pride as we take to create it.