Green living – where’s the conundrum?

Being ecologically sustainable is all the craze today. From countless organisations working hard for change in laws to mundane Instagram celebrities simply mouthing jargon we have a broad spectrum of views riding this wave.

We aren’t complaining. It’s a conversation worth having and yes, any dialogue is good dialogue.

Our consumption fills landfills, pollutes oceans and causes irreparable damage to our delicate ecological footprint. What’s the alternative?

Environmentally sustainable consumption - using our consumer power for good because consumer demand is powerful, encouraging organisations to switch to more sustainable production practices.

Committing to brands that share your passion for green living is a great start! And you WILL be spoilt for choice – being green is not dowdy anymore.

A new crop of entrepreneurs like ‘Motifs by Mamta’ are conscious of their ecological footprint bringing you ethically created yet beautiful alternatives that make your signature as green as possible. Their mandate - bursts of colour and peaceful palettes coupled with core values of social and environmental sustainability.

Speaking of sustainable production, the most ancient textile art forms are inarguably a fantastic sustainable alternative to the newer (not necessarily cheaper) machine-made textiles clogging our markets. Here, hand block printing takes centre stage (to know more about the evolution of this amazing art form click HERE ). In today’s age when machine-made fabrics run amok, this artisan-produced textile enthrals with each fascinating little imperfection that actually tells a story - a story hard to recreate with a machine. A defiant indifference to mechanization has accorded it an aura of a pure art form propelling it to global popularity. With technology and industrialization deemed unnecessary, hand block printing flourishes on a ‘parallel universe’ and conveys the message that ecologically sustainable creativity can not only exist but actually thrive.

Consumers today are increasingly aware of the greater good and crave a holistic lifestyle – they celebrate real flaws and are moving away from machine-made, overly designed fabrics that are styled to perfection. They crave simplicity and want openness, transparency and honesty. It’s this granular level of “realness’ that propels organisations such as ‘Motifs by Mamta’ to create textiles steeped in integrity. Consumers are now seeking realness in the way they live and in the products they buy. What you buy is really an expression of your values and to say that simple changes in our lives together would make a big difference is an understatement – living an ecologically sustainable life could mean different things to different people but needless to say every drop of ink eventually makes the pot ‘greener’. We are positive like that

Stay tuned for more insightful musings on block printing and of course peruse the newest additions of your favourite Motifs by Mamta textiles HERE .